Amit Peled Featured on Cello Chat!

"Could one note be so significant in a musician’s life?

At age fifteen, before entering a routine weekly music history class at the Telma – Yellin High School for the Arts in Tel – Aviv, Israel, my answer would have been definitely NO. However, in that lesson we learned about the romantic period piano trio form, and our teacher decided to play a record of the slow movement of the Dvorak trio in f minor op. 65. As a young cellist I must embarrassingly admit that I only knew the Dvorak cello concerto, the ultimate dream of every cellist to study and perform. Back to the classroom, we, the ‘cool’ boys sitting in the last row, were trying to pass on the time talking behind the teacher’s back, hoping to catch an eye glimpse from one of the cool girls – the usual teenager stuff…  and then that slow movement started with the piano, immediately followed by one of the most gorgeous melodies played (of course) on the cello.