Amit Peled, cello
Elizabeth Borowsky, piano

This powerful and compelling program follows renowned cellist Amit Peled's personal, musical, and spiritual journey. From his childhood growing up in a small kibbutz in Israel and listening to his mother singing the traditional tune "Eli Eli," to playing Max Bruch's "Kol Nidrei" as a young cellist and personally connecting with the Yom Kippur message, Amit explores the ups and downs of life and the desire to balance tradition, identity, and self-expression. Among other works, the program features Mark Kopytman's heart-wrenching "Kaddish" and Ernest Bloch's beloved three scenes "From Jewish Life." Amit's effective personal narrative in conjunction with a selection of deeply moving works and a passionate performance provokes a personal spiritual journey for each member of the audience. You won't leave the concert hall as the same person you were when you walked in…

Audience "Applause"

"Amit Peled and Elizabeth Borowsky provided an exceptional concert at the German Society.  The synergistic collaboration of these two highly skilled artists produced music of uncommon sonority and depth – inducing an almost hypnotic state within the enraptured audience.  A magical experience!" -Hardy von Auenmueller and Karl Spaeth (German Society of Philadelphia )

"Painfully beautiful and passionate... Absolutely STUNNING. The sounds you co-created take us to a place so deep and profound that no words can touch. It literally moved me to tears." -Michiko L. 

"Peled and Borowsky played beautifully together with so much soul and conviction and total commitment to the music that is beyond rare.  Really enjoyed the insight into the music as well.  BRAVO!!!" -Dan Weiser (Classicopia)

"What a beautiful program! I am truly grateful that I was able to be at your concert. It is a tribute to your performance that the music and actual playing of it stayed with me with such clarity and presence after several days. There were so many beautiful colors and wonderful nuances and details. Together you achieved an intensity of emotion on the Kopytman that was utterly compelling. I can still feel the sadness, anguish, ferocity and resignation of the music. I also loved the Bloch pieces and Amit's characterization of them as each one being evocative of a scene -like a Chagall painting- was perfect. It was a special evening of music and music making!" -Catherine R.


ELI ELI My God, My God
BACH Suite No. 1 for solo cello
BRUCH Kol Nidrei
BLOCH From Jewish Life
POPPER Hungarian Rhapsody


"Liz, Pelly, and Pablo paid us a visit, and we all had a very good time..." No, that's no way to begin a music review.  But it got your attention! Elizabeth Borowsky,, the very talented and sensitive pianist-collaborator, provided the great 'cellist Amit Peled a secure basis for his work with "Pablo", the 1733 Gofriller violoncello that Peled received from Pablo Casals's widow Marta Casals Istomin, as evidence of her admiration for Peled's artistry. . . This was not just a performance of "Prayer" (awe-inspiring!) and "Supplication", but a deeply, deeply-felt manifestation. . . uch of the piece is not piano-accompaniment, but, rather, a heated conversation or even confrontation between piano and 'cello.  Each goes its own way.  The final segment is full of agitation, up to the last minute, when a final long, dying-out line by the 'cello seems to be the final breath of the dying person. . . The program ended with David Popper's ever-popular Hungarian Rhapsody.  The "friska" section is familiar because Franz Liszt used the same tune for his Hungarian Rhapsody.  It is virtuostic.  It is fun!  It was a grand way to end the evening, as it gave Elizabeth and Amit a vehicle to show off their virtuosity.  The audience loved it." -Josiah Tazelaar (Pro Musica Detroit)