The Amit Peled Cello Gang

“Many years ago, I was fortunate to experience the magic of creating music on stage together with my great mentors, Bernard Greenhouse and Boris Pergamenschikow. Besides our regular one-on-one lessons, we actually performed together...the difference between listening to them explain how to create a phrase and literally making one with them on stage was huge and significant. 

Ever since those magical moments I was fortunate to share with my musical heroes, I always knew that when I became a teacher, the feeling of passing on the tradition will be complete only when I am able to share music with my own students on stage. This day arrived when the Amit Peled Cello Gang was created.” – Amit Peled

The Amit Peled Cello Gang is composed of students from Peled’s studio at the Peabody Institute at Johns Hopkins University, where he has taught since 2003. The students range in age from undergraduate freshmen to second year master’s students, and the group comes together often to perform works written or arranged for cello ensemble. 

This unique ensemble has performed recently for the Cape Cod Chamber Music Festival, the Society of Four Arts in Palm Beach, the Fairfax Symphony Orchestra, as a resident ensemble in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and all across Maryland, the gang’s home state.

The first Cello Gang CD under the CTM Classics label has been enthusiastically received worldwide.

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Recent Reviews:


The Amit Peled Cello Gang receives a raving review in North Carolina: 

"This was collaborative playing at its absolute best." 
"The full excellence of the teacher-student collaboration came to the fore." 
"One could hear in this the rich tone and phrasing of the master teacher, carried by his superb students."

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